Work Standards

“There is more to Interiors than looking good. Your home needs to function properly and stand the test of time…..”

  • Project Manage fully qualified tradesmen efficiently and effectively to ensure smooth running and high standards. There are no time wasters on the job or tradesmen with not enough experience.
  • We work off Plans, do house calls, which ever suits your project.
  • Whether its a Family Home or a Penthouse Suite… There is a lot more to Interior Design than looking good. Your home needs to function properly and last the test of time. I will discuss with you in detail each room you need done. The Functions, Best Materials suited, Design, Colours and so forth…
  • Quotes cover everything. Materials, Labour….. right down to waste disposal and clean up. There are NO hidden cost surprises at the end.
  • You will be given an honest time frame for each project.
  • You will be approached with solutions not issues. Clients will always be contacted quickly with any issue’s that arise along the way and the solution that resolved the issue.
  • We keep up to date with new products on the market. A wide range of materials are used from Wainscoting, Polished Plaster effects, Specialist Paint effect’s, Wallpaper, Natural Stone, Stone Cladding and more……
  • Total Clean up after every Project, right down to cleaning grout residue from the tiles. Your home is ready to walk in to on our departure….

“I take as much of the stress and pressure away from you, the client while managing your project…”